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Pittsburgh area “rat house” demolished

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A home in Beaver County, PA was demolished on Friday by local authorities. Residents had reported that the home had been abandoned and was filled with thousands of rats. When police arrived at the home to investigate they found so many of the rodents that, at times, they were over a foot deep.

The woman who owned the home was a breeder of dogs. However, she had filed for bankruptcy and had moved out in August. However, she had left behind quite a bit of dog food and some authorities and animal control experts say that this might have been what attracted the rats.

Problem had lasted about a year

According to neighbors there had been a problem with the home for about a year. However, things finally reached a boiling point this week when residents near the home said they saw dozens of rats pouring out of the home.

An exterminator was called to try and eliminate most of the rats before the demolition took place. He reported that there were, in his estimation, over 2,000 of the rodents. While the exterminator was working and just before a backhoe was used to tear down the home authorities set up a perimeter around the house to prevent rats from escaping and possibly entering other homes. Some neighbors were evacuated during the time of the demolition, temporarily, while the extermination and demolition took place.

Investigators reported to police that the woman who owned the home said that she had become overwhelmed with debt and had left. She also had issues with her husband who is ill and in an nursing home.

At this time there are no reports of whether or not the woman will face any charges. No names have been released by authorities.

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