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Plainfield, Illinois, man busted with 69 pounds of marijuana

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Aliu Burim, 28, decided it would be fun to drive recklessly as he made his way through Ohio. However, it was not the smartest thing in the world considering he was transporting almost 70 pounds of marijuana in his GMC Yukon.

Burim was on his way from the Chicago area to New York City on Monday night. He was driving through the state of Ohio when his driving attracted the attention of police. Not long after he got pulled over, though, the police realized something was very wrong with the vehicle he was driving.

Police dogs find the pot

He had been pulled over for a lane violation when the police became suspicious and began searching his car. After a few moments the drug-sniffing dogs were called. That was when the 69 lbs of marjiuana were found stashed in the car. Police believe the pot has a street value of about $350,000.

Burim was traveling with two companions as well. Both of them have been charged with felony possession of marijuana. Those arrests are punishable by up to 10 years in prison, according to a statement released Tuesday by Ohio police.

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