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Plane from Mexico with sick child held at gate in Colorado

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The fears of viruses from Mexico caused a Frontier Airlines flight to Colorado to be held at the gate when a child on the flight was reported sick. The flight was Flight 64 from Puerto Vallarta and it was held at the Denver International Airport Saturday afternoon. Paramedics were allowed to board the flight and the young passenger and his family transported to a local hospital.

The plane was then allowed to unload its passengers with most of them being instructed to take the stairs rather than through a ramp that would then lead them through the airport terminal and gate areas. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) then asked passengers to fill out a form with contact information so that they could be contacted later. Health officials from Denver reported later that early reports seemed to show that the infant passenger may have hand, foot and mouth disease.

This is actually a rather common illness, especially among infants and toddlers. The disease causes fever and blisters form around the mouth as well as on hands and feet. It can be contagious.

Passengers said that it appeared as if the child was ill. Several passengers interviewed by news agencies stated that they saw blisters on the infant’s mouth, feet and hands. Other passengers stated that they overheard flight attendants describing the symptoms to doctors over a radio.

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