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Police arrest suspect in NW Indiana shooting spree

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The man some have been calling the “Honey Bee Killer” because of the reports that he spoke to his victims about honey bees before shooting them, has reportedly been arrested by the Will County Sheriff. The suspect is former police officer Brian Dorian, age 37, who was arrested at a home in Lynwood where he was apparently staying. Dorian is suspected of shooting three men and killing on in a strange bi-state shooting spree earlier this week.

The entire incident happened on Tuesday afternoon. A man approached workers who were rehabbing a house in Illinois, near the Illinois-Indiana border. After asking them about wood and building materials be pulled out a gun and shot Rolando Alonso, of Hammond, IN. He killed Alonso and pursued a 19-year-old worker into the house and shot him as well. Another worker hid in a field.

After that he drove 13 miles into Indiana and approached a farmer named Keith Dahl. He engaged Dahl in a conversation about honey bees. Then he apparently shot Dahl as the farmer sat in his truck. He played dead as the gunman drove away and then called authorities.

The entire Northwest Indiana area has been on edge since the incident occurred. The gunman seemingly disappeared. Yesterday, authorities released a new and more detailed sketch of the suspect. He was described as being in his 40s and disheveled and unshaven.

Officer involved in an fatal accident

Dorian was involved in a fatal car accident while he was off duty from his work as a policeman back in 2007. His car collided with one being driven by Crete-Monee High School valedictorian Dylan Drapeau. The young man died of his injuries and Dorian was never charged in the incident.

The parents of the young man killed raised concerns, at the time, over the officer. They claimed that his story of what happened during the accident never added up or really made sense. They sued him in civil court for damages.

As of right now the police are not saying that there is an relation between the fatal accident and the shootings. The Will County Sheriff’s department obtained a warrant for the arrest that took place this afternoon in south suburban Lynwood.

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