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Police issue 328 violations to students at U of I during weekend celebration

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This weekend was the now-annual "Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day" celebration at bars and clubs around the University of Illinois and students showed they had no intention of stopping their partying ways.

The announcement came from police in and around Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, which is the home of University of Illinois. The celebration has become an annual event, but University officials had hoped to shut the event down last year. Evidently bar owners and students have decided to keep the tradition alive.

According to media reports in Chicago, the event was created to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day even during years when the holiday falls during U of I’s Spring Break. The bars and clubs in the area lose money during that time when students head out of town. As such, numerous businesses have created this new holiday to try and make up for the lost income.

In 2010 the police in the area issued 269 notices. Back in 2009 the police stated that they issued about 351 notices. Most of the notices were for violators to appear in court for various violations related to drinking and noise. The violations ranged from possession of alcohol and throwing objects from balconies.

The problem is that, for school administrators, the event has become a major headache. Not only does it cause problems public realtions-wise for the school, but it also causes concerns over student and public safety. Back in 2006 a graduate from the school had an accident on a motorcycle during the celebration and was killed. That accident was ultimately linked to alcohol consumption.

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