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Police seek “person of interest” in case of NIU murder

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The police made an announcement today that they now have a “person of interest” in their sights in the murder investigation going on on the NIU campus. The police still have been unable to identify the human remains that were found badly burned near the campus a couple of days ago. It is believed that they are the remains of missing Freshman, Antinette “Toni” Keller, who went missing on October 14.

Keller told friends she was headed into a wooded area near the campus known as Prairie Park to work on an art project. She was last seen carrying a portfolio and a professional camera and headed in that direction. Her vanishing sparked a massive search that ultimately led to the discover of burned human remains in the park near objects that are believed to have been owned by Keller.

Extradition pending

Police announced that they began searching leads that hundreds of people have turned in to local authorities. They say they have a promising lead in another state. An unnamed source told the Chicago NBC affiliate that they believe that state in Louisiana. What is known is that police have begun extradition proceedings.

When the remains were found the FBI was called in to help DeKalb police create a profile of the person who would do such a thing. The DeKalb police say they have also received over 210 leads and are curious to speak to anyone who may have seen fires in the Prairie Park area between October 14 and October 18.

The remains were taken to be autopsied. However, they were so badly burned that authorities have been unable to positively identify them. They are also unable to determine a cause of death. However, the case was changed from a missing persons case to a death investigation to a homicide investigation with the discovery of the remains.

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