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Police send Ecuador into chaos, attack president

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The president of Ecuador found himself under a tear gas attack from his own police force today as the police protested and sent the entire country into chaos. Alerts were soon posted from neighboring countries and travel warnings were issued for any travelers planning to enter Ecuador. The police are angry over a law that would cut some of their benefits and took it out against the leader of the country as he called for peace.

The chaos shut down airports and highways were blocked. Peru stated that they were closing their border to Ecuador. The Ecuadorian security minister told the press that one person was dead after the chaos erupted. He also stated that six people have reportedly been injured.

Ecuador's president is in hospital

President Rafael Correa is currently holed up at a local hospital where he was taken to be treated for injuries after a police officer fired a tear gas canister directly at him. When he arrived at the hospital protesting police surrounded the hospital.

Earlier in the day Correa had attempted to make a speech a local police headquarters. He was soon pelted with water and tear gas. Choking and gasping and, according to hospital officials, nearly asphyxiated because of the gas, he was rushed to the hospital. When the police and some military officials then continued their protest outside the hospital Correa declared a “state of siege” and said he was considering dissolving Congress. He also stated that he believed this was a coup attempt.

By declaring the state of siege the military is now in charge of keeping public order. Civil liberties have been suspended. Soldiers can arrest nearly anyone they want and they can execute searches without having to obtain a warrant.

The deadlocked Congress had passed a law on Wednesday that would put to an end a long-standing practice of giving military and police members monthly bonuses and medals when they are promoted. The law also extended the number of years allowed between those promotions.

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