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Police in Sydney, Australia, reportedly investigating reports of bomb strapped to teenage girl

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There are reports coming out of Sydney, Australia, of a supposed bomb being strapped to an 18-year-old girl while in a home near the city.

Reports are that police and bomb squad units have been dispatched to the scene near Sydney, Australia. The reports are that an 18-year-old girl was found near, or possibly attached to, a device believed to be a bomb. Police, however, have not confirmed that the device was, indeed, a bomb.

According to media reports out of Australia, the woman says that the device was attached to her by people she did not know. Authorities in the city have said that the issue and the case is “sensitive” and they are limiting the amount of details that they are willing to give to the press at this time.

A quote from New South Wales state Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch stated, “There's a device in the house in the vicinity of the young woman. That device is still being examined as we speak. We are treating the device as live until we know otherwise."

The police did confirm that they were called to the house, located in the Sydney suburb of Mosman, by an 18-year-old woman around 2:30 p.m. So far, the police have acknowledged that they are not treating the case as if it were an incident of self-harm on behalf of the girl.

The police in Sydney are also asking residents who may have heard or seen anything suspicious during the day to contact them. Meanwhile, the authorities have evacuated homes around the house containing the girl and closed off street traffic.

UPDATE: It is now being reported that the teenage girl has been freed from the home and the device that was being considered an explosive device. Reports from Sydney from the bomb squad are that the girl has been freed from the home and reunited with her family, who had been waiting at the scene with police.

The police commissioner also told reporters that the girl had been stuck in an very uncomfortable position for hours and that they were going to take her to the hospital for observation.

So far, however, the police have not confirmed if the device located near, or possibly attached to, the teen was actually an explosive device. Prior to the girl being released, however, the police did say that they felt there was a good possibility that the girl's life was in danger.

Some residents near the home where the girl was held and where police worked to rescue her have been told that they will not be able to return home. Many homes surrounding the area had been evacuated.

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