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Possible additional victims of serial killer John Wayne Gacy probed

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Investigators across 13 states in the U.S. and provinces in Canada are wondering if the victims of John Wayne Gacy goes beyond the 35 known victims attributed to him.

The serial killer John Wayne Gacy was one of the most prolific killers in the history of the United States. He was eventually arrested in the late 70s and his home near Chicago was found to be a house of horrors. His crawlspace beneath his home was found to contain dozens of bodies and he was ultimately tried, convicted and executed for the murders of 35 young men and boys.

According to local Chicago media reports, investigators are now wondering if that list of victims is much higher and included more states. Some of them are intrigued by the discovery of airline tickets in dusty boxes that were once in Gacy’s home. These tickets show that the man, who also ran a construction business, traveled to 13 states and Canada. Now investigators in those areas are wondering about open cases.

Investigators in states like Colorado, New York, Ontario and Las Vegas. In each of those cases there are open murder cases of young men from that time. Now investigators are planning to take another look, using more modern investigative techniques to see if Gacy was murdering even as he traveled.

The investigators say they will now be able to use DNA techniques not available in he 1970s. They can also used computer databases of missing persons that were also not compiled back then to try and match up his travels with the missing men.

Even back in Chicago there are those who feel Gacy had more victims than those he was convicted and executed for. At one point Gacy was a maintenance man for an apartment complex and some residents there feel he may have buried victims on the grounds. There are also at least eight bodies that were found on his property that are still unidentified.

Using the computers available now investigators have been able to put together a profile of potential Gacy victims. So far, 70 families have come forward in the states and provinces he visited to propose that their missing family members could be victims.

Gacy’s former defense attorney has come forward saying that he doubts the death toll will climb.

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