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Prank ends up in death of sleeping man

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A Vermont man was killed in his sleep when a friend attempted to perform a prank to wake him up with a loud noise. That friend has now been charged with manslaughter and the victim died at the scene.

The friend, Nicholas Bell, 23, was attempting to startle Jeffrey Charbonneau, 23, awake using the noise from what he thought was an air rifle. That rifle turned out, instead, to be a .22 caliber rifle. Charbonneau was shot in the chest and died as emergency medical professionals were being called to the scene.

Both men guests

The men were guests at the home in Manchester, Vermont, when the incident occurred. Bell was arrested and charged with manslaughter. He is currently in jail and bond has been set for $250,000.

A statement from police said, “The accused fired the weapon, which was a loaded .22 cal rifle hitting the victim in the chest. The victim died at the scene.”

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