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Private eye firm suing parents of slain girl Riley Fox

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A private investigation firm out of Oak Forest, Illinois, is suing the parents of a slain little girl, reportedly because of unpaid bills.

The parents are the parents of the slain little girl Riley Fox. Fox was found dead in a creek bed back in 2004. Originally, her own father was a suspect and even spent time in jail. Riley Fox’s mother and father hired a law firm which, reportedly, hired the private investigators. Eventually the real killer was found and sentenced.

According to media reports, however, the National Investigators & Security Agency, Inc., says that they initially entered into a verbal agreement with Fox’s parents. Then, they say, a formal written contract was signed by Fox’s mother. They are suing for more than $70,000 in unpaid bills.

The company says they signed the contract with Fox’s parents in 2008. Reportedly they agreed to pay the fee of $125 an hour for their services. They were also reportedly given sole discretion to conduct the investigation.

Fox’s father, Kevin, was originally arrested for the crime. He spent quite a bit of time in prison for it, as they were unable to pay the bail. DNA evidence was eventually found to clear Kevin Fox. Scott Eby was eventually found to be the real culprit and sentenced in the murder. Kevin Fox has since sued the police and the state for his incarceration.

The security firm says that they are not doing anything wrong. They also state that they let the Fox’s know three times that their bills were past due and escalating each time.

The security firm now says is performed 557.75 hours working on the case. That brings the total amount they owe the firm to $69,719. They also state that they have been trying to get the Fox’s to pay the unpaid bills since January of 2009.

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