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Puppy rescued, and finds new home, after being found atop freight train

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Firefighters in South Carolina responded to the call of a family sitting at a train crossing that they had seen a small brown lab puppy on top of one of the cars of the freight train passing by.

The firefighters were eventually able to catch up to the train, and force the train to stop. Exactly how or why the puppy was on top of the car remains a mystery. However, the dog was recovered and, although scared, was in fine health.

According to a story in the Washington Post, it was Tina Parker who called the fire department. The team of four firefighters were dispatched to try and stop the train and rescue the frightened dog. Parker told the press that, at first, she thought the brown patch on top of the train was just trash until it started moving. It was then that she realized it was a dog.

Parker and her family called the fire department and they stayed on the phone as they followed along with the train. The train was on its way from Pennsylvania to Atlanta at a rate of about 50 miles per hour.

Once the fire department got the train to stop, the police chief climbed up onto the train car using a ladder. The found the dog frightened, but alive and well. Exactly how long it was up there, how it got up there or how it survived remains a mystery.

The good news is that, not only is the dog healthy, but it has been given a new home. The dog has been given to the Parkers, the family who first saw it on the train car and called in the rescue. They have named the dog Boxcar Hunter and have scheduled a veterinarian appointment to have the dog checked out.

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