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Rahm Emanuel one step closer to being able to make run for Mayor

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The former Chief of Staff for President Obama, Rahm Emanuel, has moved a step closer to being cleared to make a run for the Mayor Chicago.

There had been controversy over whether or not Emanuel qualified to run for the office as there is residency requirement that candidates must live within the city limits. Emanuel repeatedly stated that he always kept a home in the Chicago area, despite renting it out, and that he always intended to move back to the area once he was done in Washington, D.C.

As such, Emanuel had to face off against a number of other candidates who had challenged his legitimacy as a candidate. For the better part of a week Emanuel answered questions from other candidates about whether or not he was a resident. He was even accused of lying about keeping boxes in the home that he had rented.

Evidence was provided from friends of Emanuel, including providing photos, which showed that he did have boxes stored in the home. The entire matter was eventually turned over to the Chicago Board of Elections for determination. Today, it was recommended by the hearing officer, Joseph Morris, that Emanuel meets the residency requirements and should be allowed to make a run for the office.

Emanuel gained fame by helping President Obama win the election in 2008 and he was then made the President’s Chief of Staff. He became well-known for his abrupt manner and tendency for using curse words. He often stated that he would make a run for Mayor of Chicago if the current mayor, Richard Daley, decided not to run. Daley announced, earlier this year, that he would not make another run for the office.

Today’s recommendation does not mean that Emanuel has been cleared entirely. Authorities in the city of Chicago stated that they believe the case may be taken into the Cook County Circuit Court for a final determination. However, the recommendation today puts some powerful allies in Emanuel’s court. There are some political experts in Chicago believe this case could make it all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court.

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