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Rare New Years Eve twisters hit Midwestern United States

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The states of Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois are experiencing a rare late-December outbreak of tornadoes and unseasonably warm weather hits a huge section of the country.

It is a rare thing when tornadoes hit the Midwestern United States during the month of December, but today, New Years Eve, that is exactly what has been happening. While parts of the country are still trying to dig out of record snowfall, parts of the country today are experiencing tornado outbreaks.

Tornadoes and reports of tornadoes have occurred, so far, in Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. There are even reports that a twister touched down in southern Missouri and killed two people.

A town, called Cincinnati, near the border with Oklahoma, was the site of the twister that ripped through the town in the early morning. Reportedly, an elderly couple was killed when their home was hit. Another resident, a dairy farmer, was killed while he was trying to milk his cows.

There were reports of tornadoes across Missouri as the day progressed. Mostly damage to homes and buildings, as well as knocked down power lines, have been reported. A tornado was even reported near Ft. Leonard Wood in southern Missouri. Some injuries had been reported on the base, but nothing life-threatening.

The storms are the result of a rare warm up for the middle of winter, in areas normally socked in with snow and cold. Moisture from the Gulf of Mexico has been pushed north from winds out of the south. This has caused temperatures to rise into the 60s and 70s in some areas that were, up until today, covered with snow. The problem is that a cold front is now moving through the area and the forecast is for temps to drop down into the teens by New Year’s Day.

The National Weather Service has been issuing storm and tornado warnings throughout the day. There are also indications that the storm system is still developing. The service has issued statements that a significant outbreak of tornadoes is possible with this system.

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