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Rumors abound of Paul McCartney concert at Wrigley Field

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The rumors are flying in Chicago that the former Beatles star may soon have a deal with the Chicago Cubs organization to have a concert at the home stadium of the Cubs, Wrigley Field.

The story is that there may be two concerts performed at what is one of the oldest stadiums in Major League Baseball. The rumors are that the concerts will be July 31 and August 1. That would be a time when the Cubs were out of town.

According to the Chicago press, the rumors are not yet confirmed either by the Cubs or McCartney’s publicity people. Currently McCartney is in South America on his current tour. This has been an interesting tour of Paul McCartney who has been issuing concert dates a little bit at a time for the entire tour.

This would be the first time McCartney has played at Wrigley Field. McCartney did play a concer at Comiskey Park when he was playing with the Beatles did it back in 1965. McCartney has been in Chicago many times and the last time he played in the Windy City, it was in 2005 and he played a Soldier Field.

The concert series sponsored and endorsed by the Chicago Cubs and the management of Wrigley Field is relatively new. Their first big concert was back in 2005 when Jimmy Buffett played. Since then, there have been very consistent concerts scheduled there during the summer months. Elton John and Billy Joel played in tandem there back in 2009. The Dave Matthews Band then did it in 2010.


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