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Rumors are Eddie Murphy front runner to host Oscars

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Reports out of Hollywood are that the former stand-up comedian and comedic movie actor, Eddie Murphy, may be the front runner to host the Academy Awards.

The awards ceremony is experiencing growing pains. This past year the telecast attempted to appeal to a younger crowd by having the actors Anne Hathaway and James Franco co-host. The unanimous decision was that it was a complete disaster. Now, with Brett Ratner, the movie director, scheduled to direct the new telecast, the call is out to bring back a comedian as host.

According to media reports, the rumors are that Eddie Murphy has jumped out into the lead as a possible host for the 2012 show. Supposedly the websites and have been raving about Murphy as a leader in the running for the show host spot. Murphy has a connect with Ratner in that he is starring in a movie due out in 2011 directed by Ratner called "Tower Heist."

Ratner is scheduled to meet with Academy management this week. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, and an announcement about the hosting spot may be made at that time. Already there are rumors that fan reaction to Murphy’s name being tossed into consideration is overwhelmingly positive.

To make matters more intense, former host and stand-up comedian Billy Crystal has said he would be glad to host again. Crystal has hosted many times before and remains one of the more popular hosts. During this past year’s ceremony he had an extended monologue during the show and reportedly has informed Academy members that he has the itch to host again.

Rumors are that, regardless of who hosts, Crystal will be part of the ceremony in one form or another.

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