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San Jose cop suspended after fake arrest of daughter’s boyfriend

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A San Jose cop was trying to deliver a strong message when he went over to his daughter’s boyfriend’s house. He had learned that the 15-year-old had been having sex with his 14-year-old daughter. So, while the young man’s family looked on he delivered a lecture about underage sex and put the young man in handcuffs. Although a video shows the young man’s family encouraging the boy to listen to the officer, that family now says the cop went too far and they are suing. He, meanwhile, is on administrative leave.

The video shows the officer, in full uniform, arriving at the young man’s home and starting his lecture. The video shows him putting handcuffs on the boy and then continuing his lecture while the young man stands there in cuffs. He warns that messing around with a “cop’s daughter” is not a smart thing to do. He also calls the young man “stupid.”

The family recorded the incident and eventually turned the tape over to the San Jose Mercury News newspaper. The video has now gone viral, showing up on numerous news websites and on television. In each case the names of all involved have been withheld and the faces of the officer and the young man are blurred out.

The family has now accused the officer of overstepping his authority. They have hired an attorney and are planning on bringing a lawsuit against the San Jose Police Department and the officer. However, lawyers for the officer say that the parents had been made aware of the issues with their son and had encouraged him to use “scared straight” tactics to try and help straighten him out.

While the entire incident is being sorted out the officer has been put on administrative leave. The authorities say he might have overstepped his authority and could face charges. The young man, meanwhile, might also face charges for having sex with a minor.

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