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School in Evergreen Park, near Chicago, causes controversy with bathroom policy

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A local Chicago area high school is raising questions and causing controversy with a new bathroom policy that limits students to only three visits during class a semester.

Parents and students are saying that the new policy is unfair and that the school should change. However, the school is saying that the policy is meant to reduce class disruptions and is also meant to reduce the number of students who leave class and then do not return. Parents are not quite so forgiving.

According to media reports, the students at Evergreen Park High School allows students three chances to visit the restroom during class per semester. Any time the students want to use more than three visits per semester, they have to make up the time after school.

At least one student has told the press that the policy has caused problems in class. According to the student a female in one of her classes needed to use the restroom and the teacher caused a major ruckus about her needs. Before long the female student was being escorted out with security.

The school says that the policy is not rigid. Teachers have discretion to give more than three visits per semester if they prefer.

Students, meanwhile, argue that they do not have the time necessary to visit the restroom between classes. Students get five minutes to get from one class to the next between classes. Some parents have told the principal that they are not going to be happy until the policy has been changed.

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