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Search for missing hiker has been suspended

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The last time anyone saw James Nelson was on October 3 in Colorado. He was on a five-day, 25-mile hike on Mount Holy Cross. He was seen by two other hikers at that time. Since then, no one has seen him or heard from him. Now, the search for Nelson has been suspended by the Eagle County Sheriff’s department.

Nelson was a trip organizer and he had stated online that he organized trips that tend to be strenuous and “involve hiking for an entire day at a steady pace.” He also stated that the hikes he organized and enjoyed were over particularly challenging terrain or in tough weather.

Nelson was actually reported missing on Friday, five days after he began his hike, by his fiance. He had set off alone to hike the Mount Holy Cross Trail. The trail is located in part of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Searchers began looking for him on Saturday. About 30 community volunteers had joined professional searches as well as helicopters.

One of Colorado’s most famous trails

The Mount Holy Cross Trail is one of the most famous and popular within Colorado’s mountain range. It stands 14,000 feet high. It is also known for being on of the most dangerous mountains. According to experts there are deep drops and plenty of abandoned mines. Also, there is lots of wildlife in the area including bears and mountain lions. It is the kind of trail that only experts tend to hike.

Now, however, after days of searching, the Eagle County Sheriff’s department has announced that the search is being suspended. The Sheriff, Joe Hoy, said, in an announcement to the press, that his teams had thoroughly scoured all of the terrain of the Mount Holy Cross Trail. So far there have been no results and no trace of Nelson.

The Sheriff and searchers did state that they would continue to do searches for clues that might lead to Nelson’s whereabouts. However, they said that they would do those searches only when they have been called to the area to conduct other searches or missions.

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