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Season two of 'Falling Skies' premieres June 17, promises high action quotient

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Last season sci-fi fans had their summer filled with the TNT summer series Falling Skies, but the ending of the first season left them hanging and hoping for season 2.

Now, their prayers have been answered. Season two of Falling Skies premieres this coming weekend, with a two-hour first episode on Sunday June 17. While the exact nature of what happens this season remains to be seen, the show’s creators are saying that fans can expect much of what kept them watching last season, but they will also ramp up the action.

According to industry reports, the writers of the popular sci-fi show will answer some of the questions that were left at the end of the first season. The show imagines a planet Earth that has been devastated by an alien invasion. The series follows a number of survivors who have banded together to survive and to form a resistance movement against the aliens. The aliens, meanwhile, also kidnapped many of their children, grafting strange harnesses to their spinal columns to gain control over them.

In the series actor Noah Wyle is Tom Mason, whose son, Ben, has been taken by the aliens. In the first season, he tracks down Ben and Ben successfully has his harness removed. However, many still wonder how much control the aliens might still have over those who once worse the control harnesses

The big cliff-hanger was that Tom Mason decided to go with a bunch of aliens at the end of the season. He claimed he was going to talk to them to try and find out why they were on earth and what they really wanted with the young humans that they kidnapped and controlled. The second season takes place three months after those events. Mason returns, but what has he learned?

Mason’s other son, meanwhile, has started training to become a soldier in the resistance. He has become more adept at handling weapons. Ben has also begun training, although many still wonder if he has really shaken control from the aliens that had him.

The story will continue to follow Mason’s group, known as the 2nd Mass. They are led by a man named Weaver, played by Will Patton. He had some issues last season, but appears to have mastered some of those problems in the start of the second season.

Already winning high praise for his acting are Wyle and Connor Jessup, who plays eldest son Ben. Some who have already seen the premier say that Jessup conveys uncertainty and leaves the viewers wondering if he has really been converted, or is still within alien control.

Falling Skies is produced by the folks at DreamWorks. The executive producer of the show is Steven Spielberg.

The second season starts Sunday at 8 p.m. eastern time. The series is broadcast on the basic cable network TNT.

Photo of Falling Skies logo courtesy of Wikipedia archives.

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