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For second week Occupy Chicago protesters arrested

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It was the second weekend in a row where the Chicago police swept into Grant Park and arrested the Occupy Chicago protesters who had set up shop overnight.

The problem is that the protesters did not have any kind of permit to camp out or hold a function in the park. Last week the police came in over night from Saturday night into Sunday morning and arrested a number of protesters. The organizers let everyone know that they had intentions of trying to occupy the park in downtown Chicago again.

According to local Chicago media reports, the protesters were much less than the week before, but that they moved back into Grant Park on Saturday night again. Police arrived to make sure things happened smoothly and then told the protesters that if they did not clear the park they would be arrested. Then, at about 1 a.m. on Sunday morning, police came in and started making arrests. They ended up arresting about 130 protesters.

According to police and Occupy Chicago organizers, the arrests were peaceful. Occupy Chicago organizers have vowed that they will be returning to the park as soon as they can re-organize. During the arrests, protesters reportedly stood up to police and shouted “Take me next!”

The protesters started arriving on Saturday evening, carrying signs and doing chants. Chicago Police arrived at about 11 p.m. and set up metal barricades. In the week before the protesters actually set up tents in Grant Park and some of them spilled over into major downtown thoroughfares.

Just before the police came in and started making arrests, a number of protesters had left and the remaining protesters sat down on the chilly ground, locked arms and began singing and shouting more protest slogans.

Occupy Chicago spokesman Joshua Kaunert stated that he wished Chicago authorities would let the protesters do so peacefully. He also reiterated that the groups is trying to protest the injustices they perceive happening on Wall Street and among major corporations against the average working-class American.

There was currently no comment from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. It is illegal to stay in the park after a certain time and camping in the park is not generally allowed. Mayor Emanuel has stated he will not make exceptions about letting them stay in the park for the Occupy Chicago group.

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