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Semi-truck flips on Chicagos’ Dan Ryan, causes diesel fuel spill, snarls traffic

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It was a long afternoon on Chicago’s busy Dan Ryan expressway for those trying to get downtown to see the Air and Water Show as a semi truck accident closed things down.

The semi trailer truck flipped over on the outbound Dan Ryan expressway which extends south of downtown Chicago and into the south side of the city. The accident caused diesel fuel to spill all over the roadway. No one was reported hurt, but the spill did cause a hazardous condition that closed much of the expressway.

According to Chicago press reports, the accident closed down most lanes of traffic and caused two left lanes to be closed for hours. Given the high volume of traffic due to events happening in the city and downtown region, this caused a traffic nightmare for commuters and those looking to get to Chicago’s south side.

The accident happened on Sunday morning, around 11:50 a.m. The truck flipped over at 26th Street. Emergency officials were counting themselves as lucky that the spilled fuel did not spark and cause a fire that could have endangered many more commuters.

The truck was damaged during the crash which left the truck overturned and blocking lanes of traffic. It also caused delays in the truck’s removal from the scene.

The Chicago Fire Department was dispatched to the scene to deal with the fuel spill. The spilled diesel was ultimately scooped up and placed in a 55-gallon drum. After that the Environmental Protection Agency was supposed to come and pick up the fuel.

The driver of the truck and none of the other drivers on the road at the time were hurt in the crash.

As of this evening, the road was once again open and the fuel and the truck had been removed.

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