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Severe storms hit parts of Midwest and Southeast

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The weather turned severe and tornado sirens went off in parts of the U.S. Midwest and then the storms headed southeast to affect areas there.

The severe weather started this morning as a warm front moved through parts of the Midwest and then headed Southeast. At least one person was listed as dead as the storm produced high and damaging winds and tornadoes. The storm also left streets and areas flooded as it headed into the Southern states.

According to media reports, the one person who was killed was a man in Tennessee who was pinned by a trailer that had been lifted and thrown in the high winds. A resident in the trailer was taken to the hospital with injuries to her back and legs.

The high winds and storms caused damage throughout areas like Indiana and southern Illinois. They winds also downed trees in parts of Chattanooga. In Hamilton County, also in Tennessee, at least five buildings were damaged along with cars due to the high winds. The wind also downed power lines and left some 37,000 homes without power.

Tornadoes were also reported in parts of Kentucky and some other southern states. In Henry County in Kentucky the twister downed two homes. The storms also tossed cars and created havoc throughout the state. There were several injuries, but there were no fatalities reported.

Tornado watches and storm watches were in effect throughout much of Mississippi. Also affected were parts of Alabama. Tornado sirens were reported in parts of Alabama, sending residents into shelters and basements.

The storms affected a large portion of the United States. Severe storms and high winds were reported in St. Louis and flooding on streets was reported in Kansas City, Missouri. There were also reports of winds, storms and heavy rain in Illinois, Ohio and Indiana.

The weather reports were for the storms to continue to affect areas of the United States through Monday evening. There is a continued risk of flooding and high winds from these storms.

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