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Sex toy demonstration at Northwestern University raises questions

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A professor at Northwestern University is under fire from some parents after having a live non-student performed a demonstration of various sex toys in front of a live audience.

The class, which is taught by Professor John Michael Bailey, is a psychology professor who teaches a class on human sexuality. On February 21, the professor held an after-class demonstration of fetishes that included a live demonstration of a number of sex toys. About 120 students were present for the demonstration and the entire event was curated by a Chicago sex tour guide named Kevin Melvoin-Berg.

According to local Chicago media, the professor gave plenty of warning about what the demonstration would be about and the graphic nature of portions of it. The first part of the class was billed as a question-and-answer session about fetishes. However, literature also said that the last portion of the class would involve the demonstration and that anyone who was uncomfortable could leave before the demonstration.

Students who did attend said that about half of those who were there in the auditorium did take the option and leave before it started. One student told the local media that the female model, near the end of the question and answer session, simply began removing her clothing and then started her demonstration.

The University has said that it will stand by Prof. Bailey. They say that they offer classes which explore all aspects of human nature and that some of them may be controversial. They also state that the attendees were given plenty of warning of what would happen and no one was required to attend.

Bailey’s class is well-known among students on campus. His class is generally well-attended and has about 622 students registered this semester. The class has regularly scheduled after-class addendums, such as the one that happened on the 21 of February.

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