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Shark kills 19-year-old near Air Force Base

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It sounds like a scene right out of the movie “Jaws” but 19-year-old Luca McKaine Ransom was attacked by a large shark on Friday while boogie boarding with a friend. The incident took place near Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara County, California. His friend said that the shark was maybe between 14 to 20 feet in length.

The young man had been surfing in the waves near Surf Beach and was about 100 yards away from shore when the shark attacked. His friends say he was yanked under the water violently. They then attempted to grab him and pull him to shore. The shark had bitten his leg off and taken a huge bite out of his board.

13-inch bite

Authorities arrived and tried to assist the young man. However, Ransom was declared dead at the scene. Federal state and fish and game officials were now trying to determine what type of shark attacked Ransom. They released a photo showing Ransom’s boogie board with a 13-inch bite taken out of it.

Surf Beach is one of three beaches located near Vandenberg Air Force Base. When the incident happened officials closed all three beaches. Officials have said that the beaches will remain closed for 72 hours.

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