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Showtime says season 8 will be last for 'Weeds'

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For fans of the strange suburban tale of a mother who decides to sell pot to make ends meet, the news comes with sadness as Showtime announces that season eight will be the last.

The show has always been a bit strange, but grew in popularity right from the start. The Showtime series Weeds stars Mary-Louise Parker as a widowed mother of two boys who suddenly finds herself on her own and needing to make ends meet. Unable to do anything else, she turns to a life of crime by growing and selling pot. The show was a mixture of broad comedy and dark satire and it has run steadily for seven seasons.

Now, according to Hollywood sources, fans of the show can expect to see the story of Nancy Botwin wind down for season eight. Showtime has announced that they are canceling the season after the eighth one. By announcing that the show will not be returning before that season starts, it gives the chance for the show writers to plot out how best to end the series and bring about some kind of closure for fans.

However, although the writers and show creators will have the chance to wrap things up, it appears as if the decision to end the series is a bit one-sided. The decision seems to have come from Showtime executives, and not from the show creators. It has been reported that creator Jenji Kohan is disappointed and sad about the decision by the cable network not to continue the series.

Weeds also starred TV show regulars such as Elizabeth Perkins, Kevin Nealon and others. For a time even Zooey Deschanel was on the show.
Initially the show took place in the suburban haven of Agrestic, California. Then, for seasons four and five, the show setting was changed to Ren Mar, California. In the sixth season the family within the show relocated to Seattle, Washington and then to Dearborn, Michigan. For season seven, the show was set in New York City and then relocate to Connecticut at the end of the season.

The show took a look at how a mother suddenly left on her own could survive to support a family by turning to crime. Nancy Botwin worked with local drug dealers in the show to help sell her merchandise and that led her into trouble with rival drug gangs and the law. Between seasons six and seven her character spent time in a prison while her children went to live with her brother-in-law in Copenhagen.

Weeds was very popular during its first couple of seasons. In addition to decent ratings, the show also earned a number of industry awards. Those awards included: two Satellite Awards, a Golden Globe, a Writer’s Guild of America Award, a Young Artist Award and an Emmy.

Logo from Weeds courtesy of Wikipedia archives.

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