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Singer Gavin DeGraw says he was assaulted while in New York

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New York City Police say that singer Gavin DeGraw reported to them that he was assaulted this past Saturday night after leaving a restaurant.

The reports are that DeGraw was eating at an East Village restaurant on Saturday night. When he left the restaurant, he told police, he was assaulted. Reports are that it happened along First Avenue and between 5th and 6th streets.

According to media reports, the exact details of the assault are sketchy, at best. It is known that DeGraw was highly intoxicated at the time and it took him quite a bit of time to actually report the assault to the police. In fact, it seems as if DeGraw did not seek medical attention until sometime on Sunday night.

Police were then alerted when DeGraw admitted himself to Bellevue Hospital to have his injuries treated. He had a broken nose, cuts to his face and other injuries, according to hospital sources.

DeGraw told the police that he was assaulted by several white and Hispanic men on Saturday night after leaving the restaurant.

Gavin DeGraw is currently touring with the bands Maroon 5 and Train. He had a show scheduled with those two bands for Tuesday night.

DeGraw is a singer-songwriter. He is best known for the songs "Chariot," "Follow Through," and "I Don’t Want to Be." The song "I Don’t Want to Be" is famous for being the theme song for the popular television show One Tree Hill.

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