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Sisters freed from prison but with bizarre conditions attached

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Two sisters who had been in a Mississippi prison for 16 years were freed by the Governor today, but on condition that one sister donate her kidney to the other.

The sentences of Gladys Scott, 36, and her sister Jamie Scott, 38, were suspended by Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi today, but the conditions under the release are raising eyebrows. The sisters were both serving life sentences for armed robbery. However, to secure their release Gladys Scott had to agree to donate a kidney to her sister in order to save her sibling’s life.

The two sisters spoke to the media at a press conference today in Jackson, Mississippi and the conditions of the release were revealed. The attendees at the conference erupted in cheers when the two sisters entered the room.

The sisters stated that they will be leaving Mississippi and heading for Pensacola, Florida. That’s where their mother currently lives. The two will remain under supervision by the Florida Department of Corrections. Attorneys for the sisters stated that they would be seeking a full pardon for their offenses.

Jamie Scott is stated as being gravely ill and in desperate need of a kidney transplant for her survival. She is listed as at the highest level of renal failure. The one hitch in the entire plane is that Gladys has yet to be tested to see if she is a match for her sister.

The sisters had been convicted of the armed robbery of two people not far from the town of Forest, Mississippi. They were both sentenced to life in prison, but both would have been eligible for parole in 2014. The Mississippi Department of Corrections stated that they felt the sisters were no longer a threat to society in justifying the early release. Plus, the state is currently paying for the expensive kidney dialysis treatments that Jamie has been receiving.

Lawyers for the two sisters insist that neither of them had anything to do with the robber of which they were convicted. However, their convictions were appealed in 1996 and were upheld by an Appeals court.

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