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Skeleton found in basement of construction site in Chicago’s River North area

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Authorities are waiting for experts to examine bones that were found when construction workers were digging out a basement of a building to determine if they are human or animal.

The incident took place in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, near downtown Chicago. The area has been an area of development and renovation for several years now. Many businesses have moved into the trendy loft-style office buildings and many of the old buildings have also been turned into condos and apartments.

According to media reports, it was a contractor who found the bones. The contractor was inside the building, which dates back to the 19th century, digging out a basement. As he dug he came across a set of bones that have been described as a full skeleton. What is not clear, at this point, however, is whether or not the bones belong to a human or an animal.

Reports have come from the medical examiner’s office that employees there say it could very well be a human skeleton. Once the bones were found the construction project was halted and the bones taken to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. The plan is to examine the bones on Thursday to determine what they are and who they belong to, if that is possible.

In keeping with standard operating procedure when such things are found, Chicago police were called. Belmont Area detectives have now taken on the case and are also awaiting results from the examiner’s office.

At this point, without knowing if the bones are human, it is impossible to determine how the bones got there or what might have happened to the person or creature that was evidently buried there. It is not even clear if a crime has been committed.

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