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Social networking giants Facebook and Twitter team up

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Two of the biggest players in the world of social networking, Facebook and Twitter, have now teamed up to enrich the experience for users, prompting some to wonder if they are worried about Google+.

The announcement came early on Sunday morning. Many are saying that it is a case of "if you can't beat them, join them." Facing mounting worries about the growing popularity of the Google+ social networking platform, Facebook and Twitter have apparently decided it is better to unite and conquer.

According to media reports, the two social media giants have decided to team up. They are not merging and no one is buying out the other. However, Facebook users will need to visit to allow this to happen.

The Facebook profile can now be linked to a user's Twitter account and every update to their Facebook profile can now be linked, and shown, on their Twitter account. The new method will provide more content to Twitter and update both profiles at the same time. Users will need to go into their profile on Facebook and formally link their two accounts.

Facebook has been the dominant force in social media for a couple of years now. Before Facebook was the dominant animal in the area, MySpace was the kind. However, Facebook now has over 750 million active users. Despite this, the new social media effort by Google has raised eyebrows with its rapid adoption, especially considering users still have to be invited to participate in Google+.

Twitter is also dominant, allowing users to make updates in about 140 characters or less. Twitter currently has about 100 million active users. Twitter has faced a constant problem of having users sign up for profiles, but then seldom logging in to make updates.


Submitted by Rick Ladd (not verified) on
With all due respect, the capability currently available at has been available for quite some time. Unless something changes considerably, I'm afraid I don't see the newsworthiness of this article, other than to invoke the possibility of Facebook and Twitter being concerned about competition from G+, which is no more than stating the obvious. Please tell me I'm missing something, other than a bit of link fishing.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The alternative, and future social networking giant, us of course, Wuwi.

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