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Steamboat stranded in the middle of Missouri lake

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Passengers on the Showboat Branson Belle were headed out for a two hour cruise around Table Rock Lake on a Saturday afternoon. However, shortly into the trip, the passengers heard a loud sound and the boat stopped moving. Passengers have been trapped on a boat without sleeping accommodations, gambling or alcohol and were waiting for rescue Sunday morning.

The boat has 567 passengers and 76 crew members, all of which were forced to sleep on floors and tables under table cloths, as the boat was not designed with sleeping quarters. The boat is an entertainment boat where passengers enjoy singers, performers and comedians. The boat was in the middle of a performance when the problems started.

Passengers heard a couple of loud noises

According to the story as reported by CNN, passenger Jim Wellborn stated, “We were almost back to the dock, when we heard a couple of loud noises. The comedian said something funny and we all laughed.”

The boat left its dock in Branson, Missouri, at about 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. The captain ended up having trouble with the boat’s thrusters and ran aground. The entire tour was only supposed to last two hours.

Rescuers had hopes of reaching the boat and pulling passengers ashore sometime on Sunday. They were attempting to bulldoze through vegetation and create a kind of road near where the boat is grounded. According to rescuers, the intended spot for the road is maybe 50 yards from where the boat it stuck. They also plan to extend a kind of makeshift dock so passengers do not have to travel far to get on dry ground.

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