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Stress blamed in mysterious death of thousands of birds

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Veterinary officials have determined, initially, that it was some kind of stress-related-event that caused some 5,000 blackbirds to die in Arkansas on New Years Eve.

The images have been puzzling to many as animal authorities in Arkansas were shown wandering local neighborhoods and climbing onto rooftops to remove and collect the bodies of thousands of blackbirds. The birds seemingly dropped straight out of the sky and died on New Years Eve in Arkansas, just a week after a mysteriously large amount of fish were found dead in a near-by lake.

It turns out, according to information released by veterinary and game officials, that the two incident were unrelated. According to the officials, the fish died from an unknown virus and the birds died due to stress.

The birds had been found in a one-square mile area just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. Officials had scanned using helicopters and other devices to try and find bird carcasses outside of the one-square-mile area and they had found nothing. Three states took part in dissecting the bodies of the dead birds to try and determine what caused them to drop dead.

According to the statement released yesterday, it was blunt-force trauma that killed the birds. The trauma was due to colliding with homes, trees, each other and even with the ground itself. It is theorized that a loud noise, perhaps from fireworks that were going off to ring in the new year, might have caused the incident to start. The authorities cited the fact that blackbirds tend to fly in large, close-knit flocks and that such a mass death is not unheard of.

Scientists said that fireworks probably frightened the birds that they flew off in a frenzy. They were so frightened they might have collided with the homes, windows and other objects. Some terrified birds might have flown straight into the ground. Due to the explosions high in the air, the birds would have been flying low, at roof-top level, and blackbirds have notoriously bad eyesight, according to the gaming officials.

Tests are still being conducted on hundreds of fish that were found dead in a lake not far from where the birds fell. Results on what killed them are still forthcoming. The leading theory is that some kind of disease may have killed off the fish. The fish were all of the same species, which is why scientists believe that a disease is the leading cause of death.

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