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Suspect in Australian collar bomb plot found in Kentucky by police

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A man in Kentucky was arrested by the FBI and is considered a suspect in the bizarre collar bomb plot that electrified Australia a few weeks ago.

The FBI descended upon a suburb of the city of Louisville yesterday to arrest a man named Paul "Doug" Peters. He is believed to be the man who broke into a home in Australia and strapped a device around the neck of a teenager. That teenager then spent most of a day in one position while police tried to remove the supposed bomb.

According to media reports, Peters now faces charges back in Australia that include kidnapping and breaking and entering. His first court appearance has been set for Tuesday in Louisville. The entire process of extraditing him to Australia could take up to two months.

The victim, Madeleine Pulver was attacked in a suburb of Sydney. She is the daughter of a wealthy and fairly prominent Sydney family. At the time she was home alone and studying for finals in school when the man, believed to be Peters, broke in and attached a device to her that appeared like a bomb and left a note containing demands before he left.

The man reportedly told Pulver that the device contained a microphone that would allow him to listen in on what she was saying even after he left. The surrounding area was evacuated and police spent 10 hours trying to remove the device. Eventually, as the police took the device apart, it was shown not to contain any explosives.

Peters had been staying at the home of his ex-wife in an area outside of Louisville called La Grange. Peters is an Australian citizen, but has spent time before living in the United States, including Kentucky.

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