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Suspects are named in Mexican pirate attack

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It has been an interesting, frustrating and sad time for Tiffany Hartley. She is the wife of David Hartley and they are the couple who reported being attacked by men with guns on a boat while on jet skis in a lake that stretches across the U.S./Mexican border. Witnesses have come forward to validate her account, but she has not received a response from Mexican authorities that they believed her tale. That has now changed and investigators have now given names to their suspects.

Mexican soldiers who were searching for David Hartley’s body and jet ski suddenly found themselves under attack over the weekend. The two sides engaged in gunfire and the investigators identified the shooters as being part of the Zeta drug cartel. In fact, the investigators have named Juan Pedro and Jose Manuel Zaldivar Farias as the suspects in the killing of David Hartley.

Tourists attacked

The couple had driven to Falcon Lake, which is a reservoir that stretches from the United States and across the Mexican border. There is little to let boaters and travelers on the lake that they have crossed over into another country other than posts placed along the border line at regular intervals in the lake. A dashboard camera from a police officer that pulled David Hartley and his wife over, their jet skis in tow, on September 30 corroborates her story that they were visiting “The Falcon” on their jet skis.

According to Tiffany Hartley’s tale they headed out into the lake and crossed over into Mexico take pictures of a sunken church located there. While they were there she claimed that men approached them in a boat and opened fire with high-powered weapons. As the two attempted to feel, according to Harley, she saw her husband hit by bullets and fly off of his jet ski.

According to Hartley she turned around to help but had to leave David’s body when she came under fire. Investigators have taken samples of blood found on her life vest seem to support her version of the story. Also, witnesses who say they saw some or part of the incident have come forward.

David Hartley’s family has expressed frustration over the response from Mexican authorities. They claim they have not believed Tiffany’s story despite the evidence in her favor. They also say they feel whatever response they have had has been way too slow.

The authorities in Mexican say that they have 102 people out on the lake looking for David’s body or his jet ski. Neither have been recovered.

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