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Teenager says he could be boy missing for 11 years

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Robert Terrezas has now added another level of mystery to the case of a 7-year-old boy who went missing in New Mexico 11 years ago by claiming he could be the missing boy.

Robbie Romero vanished from his New Mexico home 11 years ago. Since then, his mother and family have been working with police and others to try and find out what happened to him. They have relentlessly pursued every lead. Now, a teenage boy has come forward to offer up his DNA and says he thinks he could be the missing child.

According to media reports, Robert Terrezas was talking to a friend named Ricky Romero, the brother of Robbie Romero on Wednesday evening. During the course of the conversation, Terrezas mentioned that he had used the name Robert Romero in the past and then stated he had few memories of his childhood. Not long after that Ricky Romero rushed home to inform his mother of what he had just heard.

Evelyn Romero, the mother of the missing child, told reporters that she is unsure if Terrezas is his missing son or not. She did say she can see a resemblance and that his mannerisms are reminiscent of Robbie Romero, but that she just cannot be sure. Terrezas is listed as 18-years-old now. Romero’s mother says she wonders if the resemblances she sees are just her wishing for her son after all of these years.

Police said that they are unsure of what could have happened, as well. However, Terrezas agreed to give up DNA samples for investigators to test. If the test ends up negative, the police said they would not prosecute the teen for filing a false report.

Police in Santa Fe, where the disappearance occurred, have been treating the case as a homicide. At the same time, no one has been prosecuted for the crime and no body has ever been produced or recovered.

Terrezas mother, however, told reporters that she is upset over her son’s actions. She told the press that she can confirm that Robert is her son. She says that she has no idea why he has used another name, or why he is claiming to be someone else.

UPDATE: Reports from MSNBC say that the DNA tests have come back and the mystery of what happened to Robbie Romero will remain a mystery. The DNA tests, according to police, have come back and they proved that Robert Terrezas is not the missing boy who vanished from his New Mexico home 11 years ago.

Police have stated that they are still considering the case as open. They still have no leads and no suspects.

At one time, Robbie's older brother, Ronnie, was considered a suspect. However, he was never officially charged and later died of a heroin overdose while in prison on other charges back in 2009.

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