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Terrorist cell may be in Hamburg in plots against European cities

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Authorities say that they believe a terrorist cell located in Hamburg, Germany might be at the center of a reported plot against several European cities. In recent days there have been travel alerts and activity in various cities and increased chatter online amidst terrorist groups, such as al Qaeda. It is believed that several cells have been communicating to launch “Mumbai-style” attacks against several cities including those in France and Germany.

The plots reportedly came to light last week when a man named Ahmed Sidiqi was arrested while in Afghanistan and then taken to Bagram military base to be questioned. He is a German citizen who is of Afghan descent. The man has not undergone any formal charges or hearings but he is reportedly co-operating with authorities on the terror investigation.

The city of Mumbai was attacked a few years ago by a military-style commando unit. They used guns and a small group of gunmen to kill just over a hundred people by attacking a hotel and a train station. Some terrorist experts have said that they think this style of attack is going to become more common for terrorist cells as they are easier to coordinate and faster to pull off.

Sidiqi left Hamburg, where he lived, in 2009 and evidently headed for Pakistan. He reportedly joined a jihadist group dedicated to fight the United States forces who have been making excursions across the Pakistani border from Afghanistan.

Germans say they have a target in Hamburg

Authorities in Germany say that they have targeted a group in Hamburg who have all been recruited from the Taiba mosque located there. This is the same mosque where hijacker Mohammed Atta, involved in the 9/11 attacks against New York and Washington D.C., reportedly attended. That mosque has now become a magnet for al Qaeda sympathizers throughout Europe.

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