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Time Magazine names Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Person of the Year

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Every year Time Magazine looks into the news and popular culture to pick someone they feel represents the year. For 2010, the magazine has picked Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, as Person of the Year.

Zuckerberg has become a cultural touchstone for much of the world. Not only has he created the most popular and most-used social network site, Facebook, but he was also the feature of a popular film, “The Social Network.” He is also the world’s youngest billionaire.

He is named for this title for connecting half a billion people together.

Time stated a variety of reasons for naming Zuckerberg as Person of the Year. Facebook has now connected half a billion people across the globe. Not only that but Zuckerberg has masterminded the growth and development of Facebook from a website used by college students into the dominant online social network. The company surpassed its major rival, in the beginning, MySpace and, earlier this year, announced a kind of partnership with MySpace.

Time also states that Zuckerberg has not only managed to create a social networking platform, but has completely changed the way people relate and communicate with each other. Facebook has now become a major source of exchanging information, news and even business communication.

Facebook has become such a phenomenon that every time it makes a change, it makes headline news. Throughout the years, when Facebook would experience glitches and the site would go down, again it would find itself on the national news. The site itself began as a college project by Zuckerberg back in 2004.

According to the cover story by the magazine, Facebook now has users speaking 75 different languages. Those users spend over 700 billion minutes using Facebook. For online users in the United States, Facebook counted for 1 in 4 page views and the site has been growing at a rate of 700,000 users a day.

Image source: Wikipedia Commons

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