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Tornadoes hit southern Indiana Wednesday night

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More tornadoes and severe weather has been reported over night in a mid-section that has seen almost nothing but rain and severe weather for weeks, and more injuries have been reported.

Reports out of southern Indiana are that homes have been flattened, as well as barns and other structures, as well as several injuries. Debris was reported scattered for miles, across roads and highways. Vehicles were strewn about, some over-turned as the powerful winds lifted them up and dropped them randomly.

According to media reports, there were at least a dozen injuries reported in Lawrence County located in the southern part of the state. There was a reported "wind damage path" near the town of Bedford, which is about 20 miles of Bloomington.

Television footage was shown on local TV news reports that seemed to clearly show the path of the twister through farm fields. The images were of smashed trees and destroyed homes along with vehicles scattered about.

Local police confirmed at least 12 people were reported as injured in and around the Bedford area. Victims had been taken to local hospitals for treatment. The good news about them was that none of the injuries appeared to be life threatening and, as of this morning, there were no reports of any deaths related to the storms.

The long night of storms began for central and southern Indiana residents began at about 6 p.m. on Wednesday night. According to some reports, nearly every county in central Indiana had a tornado warning, as the storm continues to march relentlessly eastward. As the storm grew in strength, the tornado warning was moved steadily east.

This series of storms was all part of the same storm system that, just a day before, brought damage and death to Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas. Indiana residents are counting themselves lucky that no one was killed in last night’s storms. High winds and golf-ball-sized hail was reported in Indianapolis, but no twisters or severe damage was reported.

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