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Tropical storm Katia forms in the Atlantic

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Just days after Hurricane Irene left much of the eastern seaboard flooded, the next big potential storm, Tropical Storm Katia, has formed in the Atlantic Ocean.

The weather experts have stated that the storm could reach hurricane strength by Wednesday or Thursday. Currently the storm is located about 855 kilometers west-southwest of Cape Verde Islands. The storm was reportedly moving west-northwest very rapidly.

According to media reports, the current sustained winds of the storm were at 65 miles-per-hour. The storm will not officially become a hurricane until the sustained winds reach 75 miles-per-hour. Right now, however, the storm is moving into tropical, warm waters, which are the kind of waters that feed and strengthen a hurricane.

By later in the week the storm could reach hurricane strength. Currently the forecast calls for the storm to head just north of the Caribbean.

As to where this storm could head, it cannot be determined at this early point. Residents all up and down the eastern coast of the United States are hoping that Katia stays out over the ocean. Much of the area is still trying to clean up after Irene hit the coast from North Carolina and then dragged its way north all the way to Maine. Although the storm was weakened by the time it hit the coast of the United States it brought heavy rains which has caused unprecedented flooding some areas, such as Vermont.

Irene has also been blamed for the deaths of 41 people.

Katia could potentially bring more devastation to areas that are still trying to recover from the last storm. The name Katia now replaces the name Katrina on the list of hurricanes. The name switch happened after Katrina devastated New Orleans back in 2005.

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