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Troubled "Taxi" actor, Jeff Conaway, in coma

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Actor Jeff Conaway, famous for his roles in the television sit-com "Taxi" and the movie musical "Grease," is apparently in a coma after a drug overdose.

Conaway has been most famous in recent years for his battles with his weight and with drugs. He has appeared on a number of television reality shows publicly attempting to deal with his health problems. This report is the latest in a series of sad turns for the actor.

According to media reports, the actor was found unresponsive and was rushed to a hospital in Encino, near Los Angeles. It is being reported that he over dosed and is now in a coma. Conaway’s manager has reportedly confirmed this with the press.

Doctors have no word on the actor’s condition. Family and friends of the actor have been seen coming and going to the hospital for the last several days. Conaway’s manager said that he witnessed Conaway turn his head about two days ago, but that there has been nothing more since.

Conaway achieved his fame in the late 70s with roles in the popular television sit-com and movie. He played the bad-boy Kenickie in the movie "Grease." More recently, health problems have been an issue, including a bad fall about a year ago that reportedly happened while he was under the influence of methadone and OxyContin.

There have been no confirmed reports over what the actor may have OD’d on this time.

Conaway had been public about his struggled with addiction. In 2008 he was on the reality show "Celebrity Rehab" attempting to deal with his demons. During the run of the show he admitted his addiction to cocaine, painkillers and alcohol.

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