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Twin sisters in shooting mystery had suicide pact

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Reports from Colorado where twin sisters from Australia were mysteriously shot at a shooting range earlier this week seem to indicate that they had a suicide pact. Both girls were shot at almost exactly the same time resulting in the death of one and the wounding of the other.

The report comes from the surviving sister, according to authorities out of Colorado. Exactly why the sisters were planning to kill themselves now remains the mystery. According to authorities who questioned the surviving sister, she declined to answer questions when they tried to probe as to why they had such a pact.

Two pistols, triggers at the same time

Authorities told the media that the sister underwent a two-hour long interview with police. They then revealed that the sisters each had a .22 caliber pistol which they each placed at their own heads and pulled the triggers at the same time. The incident occurred at the Family Shooting Center in Cherry Creek State Park on Monday afternoon.

The sisters were here on a visa from Australia. One of the sisters dropped dead and the other was taken to a local hospital. She had recovered enough by Thursday to undergo the interrogation by police. The parents of the two sisters are scheduled to arrive in the United States on Friday.

The names of the sisters have not been released. There were some early reports that investigators searching the sister’s apartment found some evidence of a connection between the suicide and suicide attempt and the Columbine shootings, but that has been denied by authorities.

The sisters had been in Colorado for about five weeks. Investigators have stated that they were from an affluent suburb in Australia. They had been visitors to the United States numerous times in the past.

The two arrived at the shooting range on Monday night and apparently shot at targets for over an hour using rented guns before turning the guns on themselves. Surveillance cameras in the shooting range caught video of the two dropping at the same time. The camera also showed other shooters at the range running over to help.

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