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Two-foot hole appears in plane traveling at 31,000 feet

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The National Transportation Safety Board has now stepped in to investigate an incident of a two-foot hole suddenly appearing in the body of an airplane belonging to American Airlines. The flight was on its way from Miami to Boston this week when the hole opened. It scared passengers and required the plane to land quickly, but the plane did land safely at Miami International Airport.

When the hole appeared at that level it caused the cabin to rapidly decompress. This caused the oxygen masks to fall from the ceiling. The entire incident occurred just 30 minutes into the flight. The plane had 154 passengers and a crew of six. It was a Boeing 757-200 aircraft.

The plane declared emergency

When the decompression happened the crew immediately declared an emergency. They then descended to a lower altitude to maneuver the plane. The plane turned around and headed back to Miami to make a safe landing.

Once the plane landed ground crews inspected the plane and found a 1-foot-by-2-foot hole just above the letter “A” in the American Airlines logo which is just front left of the cabin door. The aircraft has now been taken out of service and the official reason for the hole and the decompression remains, according to authorities, unknown.

Another Boeing 757, earlier this month, experienced something similar when cracks were found in the forward part of the plane’s fuselage. That plane belonged to United Airlines. According to reports from Boeing the company is issuing a service bulletin asking for a stepped-up inspection of 757s, particularly older models.

Boeing also states they are cooperating fully with NTSB investigators. Investigators say that they will take “appropriate action” once a reason for the cracks and the hole have been determined.

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