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Two school buses collide in suburban Evanston, Illinois, passengers OK

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Reports have come out of the northern Chicago suburb of Evanston that two school buses, laden with children, collided with one another Tuesday morning.

The reports state that there were about 20 students from both buses that were transported to local hospitals. Although there was confusion in the early moments of the crash, it turned out that there were no deaths. There were also no serious injuries.

According to Chicago media reports, the first reports of the collision came at about 11:15 a.m. on Tuesday morning. One bus reportedly rear-ended the other. One report stated that the driver of the bus that rear-ended the other was distracted when the accident happened. However, what was distracting him has yet to be revealed.

There was a total of about 50 students on both buses. Of that 20 students and one adult were transported to nearby hospitals complaining of injuries. Later reports stated that none of the injuries were life threatening.

The bus that caused the incident was from Rowe Elementary School. The bus was on a field trip to visit Northwestern University. It was reported that the driver informed police that he was distracted when he rear-ended the bus in front of him.

The students were taken via ambulance to Evanston Hospital. They were also transported to St. Francis Hospital where they were treated. As of Wednesday morning, there were no reports of any students still in the hospital.

Evanston is a suburb of Chicago, located just north of the city, along Lake Michigan. It is the home of Northwestern University.

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