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Two winning Mega Millions lottery tickets sold

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The prize was up over $350 million for the game run in several states across the country and two tickets matched all six numbers.

According to lottery officials, the two tickets that were exact matches to all six numbers were sold in the states of Idaho and Washington. So far, however, the winners have not stepped forward to officially claim their prize. The two winners will split the prize that is estimated to be around $355 million.

The lottery numbers pulled yesterday were 4, 8, 15, 25 and 47. The number 42 was the Mega Ball number.

A CNN news report pointed out that fans of the television show Lost could have been particularly fortunate since four of the six numbers were featured in that series. On the show, the character known as Hurley won the lottery with numbers also in yesterday’s Mega Millions drawing. The numbers then happen over and over again during the course of the series.

Those who used the numbers from the television show would have won $150.

Those who won the large prize have a choice of taking the money in one lump sum or as partial payments spread out over a large period of time. The winners of the lottery do have a certain amount of time in which to claim their prize. Many who have won in the past take that time to get their financial house in order before claiming the prize.

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