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UK’s “cat dumping” woman pleads guilty

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Her act was caught on video and then went around the world. In it, a woman is shown luring an evidently friendly cat over to her as if she were going to pet it. She then grabs the feline by the scuff of its neck and tosses it into a plastic trash bin and walks away. It made headlines around the world and provoked outrage by many. Now, on Tuesday, Mary Bale plead guilty to charges of animal cruelty.

Outrage but cat fine

The animal was known around the neighborhood. It was 4-year-old Lola and the cat spent 15 hours trapped in that plastic trash bin. However, the cat was recovered and was unharmed. Mary Bale, meanwhile, has received threats from people all over the world.

During the Tuesday appearance in court Bale described her act as “a split second of misjudgement that has gotten completely out of control.” She has not, however, offered any real or official explanation for why she decided to deposit the cat in the trash.

The plea involves Bale, 45, to plead guilty to one charge of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. The court appearance took place in the county of Conventry which is located near central England.

The video appeared around the world when the owners of the cat watched the security camera video from their own camera. They were shocked and posted the video online. In the modern world of instant worldwide fame, the video soon was viewed all over the world. Once Bale began receiving death threats, however, the owners of the cat removed the video from the internet. By then, of course, Bale was already world famous as a cat abuser.

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