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Vermont police charge two women with 77 cats in two cars

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The Vermont police today announced that they had arrested two women and charged them with animal cruelty. The police found two cars on their property and, inside the car, they found 77 cats living in filth. The woman apparently only owned two of the cats, apparently. One of the cats was found dead.

Regina Millard, age 54, and Berthay Ryan, age 61, were both arrested under the charges of animal cruelty. The police announced that they are considering upgrading the charges to criminal charges. The current charges are considered civil citations. Both women are from Troy, New York.

One cat dead, the rest in filth

The Bennington Police Chieft, Paul Doucette, spoke briefly to the press. He stated that the women only owned two of the over seventy cats they found. They claimed that they were trying to find homes for the rest of them.

The cars were described as filthy. Plates of food littered the seats. Some cats had fecal matter twisted and matted into their fur. One cat was found dead in the trunk of one of the cars.

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