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Vial of Ted Bundy’s blood could help close cold cases

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Although Ted Bundy has been dead for decades, having been executed in the Florida electric chair, but a vial of his blood is offering hope of closing many cold cases.

Bundy confessed to more than 30 murders before he was executed. However, there are police officers, detectives and experts who have always believed he may have been responsible for much more. As part of the case record, a vial of Bundy’s blood was kept in storage and now that vial is giving some hope to investigators.

According to media reports, investigators are hoping that the blood may prove a key piece of evidence to close out murders going back as far as 1961. The blood was recovered from an evidence lab on Columbia County, Florida. That blood will now be entered into the FBI database known as the Combined DNA Index System this Friday.

One case in particular goes back to 1961 and involved the death of an 8-year-old girl in Tacoma, Washington. The girl, at the time, was living along a newspaper route that was known to be used by Bundy who, at the time, was just a teenager.

It was this case, and determined investigator, that prompted the search for the vial of the serial killer’s blood. It also prompted the entering of that blood into the FBI database.

Of course, blood samples can degrade over time. However, investigators who studied the vial of Bundy’s blood said that the blood was still viable enough for them to build a DNA profile.

Ted Bundy was ultimately convicted of murdering three women in the state of Florida. However, he was arrested in other states, escaped from custody and suspected of murders stretching across the country. He was known to fake an injury to gain the trust of young women before overcoming them and, ultimately, murdering them. His killing spree lasted for years, the height of it being during the 1970s.

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