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Virginia man believed to have decapitated himself during domestic dispute

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Authorities in New York believe that a man found in his Ford Explorer truck managed to decapitate himself over a domestic dispute.

The 46-year-old man was formerly a resident of Chicago and he was in the midst of a bitter domestic incident when things went horribly wrong. Police and fire crews came upon a utility trailer that was on fire at the entrance to a sub division. Police received the call at about 10 a.m. Wednesday morning.

According to media reports, the police and fire officials arrived on the scene to find the utility trailer ablaze. However, more disturbingly, they found the Ford Explorer sitting nearby. It appeared to be the same truck that had been used to the tow the trailer to the spot where it was currently burning.

Investigators then looked closer and saw that a cable stretched from a nearby tree and into the Ford Explorer and then around the driver’s neck. Apparently, in front of others, the driver had tied the cable around his neck and began accelerating. The cable tightened, pulled him out of the truck, and decapitated him.

The truck, meanwhile, continued moving for about another 150 yards before coming to a stop. Officials say it is the most bizarre case they have ever seen.

The name of the apparent suicide victim is currently being withheld. He does leave behind a wife and a teenage son and daughter. The exact nature of his dispute is also currently unclear.

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