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Waukegan, Illinois, waitress is left $1,000 tip

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It is the kind of story that you hope for during this time of year. Local Chicago media are telling the tale of a waitress in suburban Waukegan, Illinois, who was left a very special gift. She was left $1,000 by a patron.

Elizabeth “Peg” Hewitt was 95 when she recently passed away. In her will she left her favorite waitress, Marie Kernin, $1,000. Kernin works at the Peacock Restaurant in Waukegan.

Gift was a return kindness

It turns out that the $1,000 gift was actually a return gift for something Kernin had done about two years ago. On that day Kernin was serving in the restaurant and noticed that the coat Hewitt was wearing was too light and insufficient against the harsh cold. So, she went out and bought a coat for Hewitt.

According to Hewitt’s neighbors, according to the news story, it was something that she never forgot. She was determined to, somehow, find a way to repay the favor. It turned out that her will and her own demise was the way to do that.

It’s like something out of a Christmas story.

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