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Weather forecasters say Chicago should expect another rough winter

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The meteorologists at Accuweather have released their long-term forecast for the Chicago area for the upcoming winter and it looks like more of the same that Chicago had last winter.

For residents of Chicago who were hoping for a mild winter, it looks like they could be in for a bit if a disappointment. While forecasts have been for a relatively mild Fall, the recent forecast put out by Accuweather meteorologists is that Chicagoans should brace for another tough winter.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the forecast is for lots of intense cold and heavy snow. The prediction from the meteorologists is that Chicago can expect to get anywhere between 50 and 58 inches of the white stuff. That would put the winter of 2011 on par with the winter of 2010 which brought 57.9 inches.

The forecast goes on to state that the really cold and intense weather is likely to hit in December and January. Things should ease a bit come February. Right now the prediction is that the snow will fall more evenly throughout the season rather than in bunches like last year’s blizzard

However, for those looking to cling to more positive forecasts, it is interesting to note that other forecasters disagree with the Accuweather forecast. For example, the National Weather Service is predicting that the La Nina phenomenon will bring cold air but average levels of snowfall. Local Chicago meteorologist, Tom Skilling, meanwhile, says that Chicago should expect a very cold winter with above-normal amounts of precipitation and temperature shifts. The Farmer’s Alamanc says that the Chicago area should expect an average winter with average temperatures and heavy snow, but no big blizzard in the forecast.

For the last four winters, the Chicago area has experienced a minimum of 50 inches of snow.

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